6 String Padron Cigar Box Guitar

Hi folks,

Pictured above is the newest C.Baron Cigar Box Guitar, this time a 6 string. This was the guitar that I featured in my recent video about routing neck pockets.

The Padron cigar box is filled with a solid poplar core to help with balance. The neck is made from two pieces of cherry, with a roasted maple fretboard. The headstock was designed with (mostly) straight string pull in mind, as well as featuring Graph Tech string trees for tuning stability. The neck and fretboard were finished with Crimson Guitar Finishing Oil.

The guitar features a 25″ scale length, and a 1-3/4″ nut width. This allows for more room when playing chords.

Regarding hardware: the guitar features a Gotoh hardtail bridge and tuners, and a GFS humbucking pickup. The neck is attacked with machine screws and threaded inserts, for strength and the ability to remove the neck multiple times without the screw holes weakening. The nut was made from Corian.

I currently have it strung with D’addario .011-.049 gauge strings. I have a video demo below of the guitar.

I’m very pleased with the result of this instrument; I find that Padron 7000 cigar boxes are just perfect for 6 string cigar box guitars.

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