Tackhead Banjo

Hi folks,

This is a C.Baron Tackhead Banjo (old-style banjo #2), made from a Carver Banjos production-second rim.

The walnut rim is about 11.75-12” in diameter, with a tacked on calfskin head. The neck was made from sapele and maple, with a scarf jointed headstock. The four-piece lamination and the scarf jointed headstock makes for a stable neck. There is a two-way truss rod installed to control the amount of relief in the neck. The maple fretboard has woodburned position markers on a 25” scale length (after compensation, the bridge is located about 25-3/16” from the nut). The through-stick was made from sapele. The whole instrument was finished with 4 coats of Crimson Guitars Finishing Oil. The nut, fifth string pip, and bridge are pau ferro.

The nut width is 1-1/2″ with a 1-1/8″ string spacing, after the fifth fret the neck width is 1-7/8″. The string spacing at the bridge is 1-5/8″. The neck is about 1″ thick.

I keep the head stuffed, which helps cut down any unwanted overtones.

It is strung with Aquila Nylgut Minstrels, tuned to Double-G (dGDGA) or Open-D (dAF#DA).

Thanks for stopping by,
Casey Baron

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