“Wolf” Mountain Banjo

Hi folks,

Here is the C.Baron “Wolf” Mountain Banjo. This is my first mountain banjo (and third old-style banjo). It gets its name from the wolf/moon soundhole on the back.

The rim was made from oak, with a salvaged mahogany neck (cut from an old post my grandfather must have turned 30+ years ago). On the side of the maple fingerboard are woodburned “fret” locations on a 25″ scale. The banjo was finished with 6 coats of wipe-on poly.

For some technical information, it features a two-way truss rod, Gotoh tuners and a Five-Star fifth string peg. The nut and bridge are made from pau ferro. I currently have it strung with Aquila Nylgut Classic Banjo Strings (Medium Tension), and keep it tuned to Double-A# and Open F (essentially one step down from most common banjo tunings).

Thanks for Stopping By,
Casey Baron

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