Brickhouse Cigar Box Guitar

Hi Folks,

Here is a recently completed Brickhouse Cigar Box Guitar. This was a custom build for a family friend, and is sort of a matching build with the previous Brickhouse Cigar Box Guitar I made.

The neck is made from the same oak beam as the previous cigar box guitar, expect this time the guitar features a red Brickhouse cigar box and a maple fretboard. It is fretted on a 25″ scale length. I installed a 12-Bar Blues Pickup on it, and I really like the way it sounds. Regarding the hardware, it features Gotoh tuners, a corian nut and bridge, and an aluminum tailpiece.

I have it strung with .016 – .022 – .032 – .046 strings tuned in open F# (F# C# f# a#).

Thanks for stopping by,
Casey Baron

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