Solid Body Guitar #7

Hey folks,

After months of planning and building, the newest C.Baron Solid Body Guitar is complete. This guitar was built to be one of my personal players, and it went through a lot of design changes before I settled on making what is shown above (at one point it was going to be a semi-hollow body, a cigar box, different woods, the whole nine yards…).

The solid body was made from a 2-piece alder body blank. I paid close attention to the weight of the body when building this guitar, and the body (sans hardware) came out to be roughly 4 pounds 3 ounces. The 5-piece laminated neck was made from cherry and maple, with a roasted maple fretboard and headstock overlay (unrelated note: roasted maple smells like maple syrup when you cut and sand it). The fretboard was fretted on a 25″ scale.

It sports a Gotoh bridge and set of tuners, and a Sixtus pickup. I added a treble bleed cap to the volume knob so the tone doesn’t lose as much high end when the volume knob is turned down. The nut width is 1-3/4″, which allows for room when making chords (which is useful for fingerpicking). I have it strung with 0.013-0.056 strings, which allows for D-Standard/Drop-C tunings.

Courtesy of Eric Fieldstadt

Thanks for stopping by,

Casey Baron

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