Cigar Box Guitar #108

Hey Folks,

Here is the newest C.Baron Cigar Box Guitar, this time done as a 3 string. This guitar features an all-wood Punch cigar box. The cherry neck was cut from one solid piece, and has a volute near the nut to ensure stability. The rosewood fretboard was fretted on a 25.5″ scale, and the nut and bridge are made out of corian. The entire neck and fretboard were finished with 5 coats of Crimson Guitars’ Guitar Finishing Oil.

I decided to shake things up with this build and use hand tools in place of some of the power tools I normally use. While I still did use some power tools, I had a lot of fun reaching for hand planes instead of jointers, and finalizing the volute with gouges and sandpaper as opposed to a spindle sander.

I have it strung with Shane Speal Signature Cigar Box Guitar Strings, tuned FCF. I have a video demo attached at the bottom to give you a taste of what the guitar sounds like.

Thanks for stopping by,
Casey Baron

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