Solid Body Guitar #6

Hey Folks,

Here is the newest C.Baron Solid Body Guitar, this time done as a tenor guitar. This was a custom order that was envisioned as being the client’s “signature guitar”, featuring a headstock that represents an upside-down Keystone Pennsylvania, as well as having seven frets.

This guitar features a Mahogany body, sporting a Wickedbucker Pickup and a hardtail bridge. The Cherry neck features a two-way truss rod, as well as a Pau Ferro fretboard, which was fretted on a 24″ scale. The wiring contains one volume and one tone, placed with the intention of being able to perform volume swells. It was finished with Crimson Guitar’s “Guitar Finishing Oil”.

Attached below is a demo video, played clean though a Fender Blues Jr. The tune is “Knockin’ Lost John”, by The Band. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by,
Casey Baron

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