Cigar Box Guitar #106

Hey Folks,

This here is the newest C.Baron 6 String Cigar Box Guitar. I built this one during my free time slowly throughout the semester, and planned for it to be my personal player, to use during performances and at home.

This instrument follows my normal setup preference for six strings: a 25.5″ scale length and gauge 13-56 strings, tuned down to D-Standard/Open-C (which suits my vocals best).

This build featured a few differences from most of my other builds, featuring Gotoh tuners/hardtail bridge, as well as stainless steel frets (a first for me). Also, the wider nut (1-3/4″) provides more room for playing chords, which was a problem I had with 1-5/8″ nut widths.

Like the other 6 string cigar box guitars I normally make, this one features a solid poplar core. The bolt-on neck is made from cherry, and it has a pau ferro fretboard. The headstock was shaped with string pull in mind, to eliminate binding at the nut, which is made from unbleached bone. It also features a Sixtus Pickup, which is one of my favorite pickups out there, on account of the clarity they provide.

Featured below is a little video demo for this guitar.

Thanks for stopping by,
Casey Baron

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